WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP is positioned to offer full services for all your animation requirements. Renowned for delivering high quality character animation on budget and on schedule, WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP is quickly gathering attention from major studios throughout the world.

In July 1998, Young Yun Jeon and Ji-Yeon Hong formed a partnership to start the animation studio WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP. With the combined experience of over twenty-eight years in the international animation business, the partners offer a wide range of skills, talent and expertise. WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP is positioned to facilitate new business opportunities with Ji-Yeon Hong representing the company in North America, while Young Yun Jeon runs the studio in Seoul.

During their careers they have worked for all the major animation companies in Seoul: Han HO Productions, A-Kom Productions, Sea Rom Productions, Rough Draft Productions and Ani Vision. A selected list of their projects includes "Ren & Stimpy", "The Simpsons", "Duckman", "Beavis & Butthead", "The Critic", and "Dennis The Menace". Hong also worked at International Rocketship on Gary Larson's " Tales from the Far Side 2" and worked as the Timing Director at Studio B Productions for “Angry Beavers” and " What about Mimi?". Recently, Hong was an assistant animator and checker for “Tête à Tête à Tê te” by Marv Newland for the National Film Board of Canada.

Some of the earlier services that WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP have provided include the painting and assisting on "Cow & Chicken", "Catdog", "King of the Hill", "The Power Puff Girls", "The Simpsons", and "Godzilla". In 1999, Bardel Animation subcontracted WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP to provide assisting and inbetweening on the Dreamworks feature film " Joseph, King of Dreams". WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP worked on the feature films “War Game” and “Christmas Carol” with London-based Illuminated Films.   WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP has done various Japanese movie and T.V projects through years as well, such as “Yu-Gi-Oh” from Galop Studio, “Naruto” from Pierrot co. Ltd., and some other shows such as “Croket” and “Sonic-X”.

WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP has also developed two of their own projects intended for television. One of these is "Willy’s World", a series of 3-minute adult-themed shorts. The other is an comedic and educational television series titled "Cookie in the New Land".

WILDHORSE ANIMATION GROUP is dedicated to delivering the best quality animation. They are committed to hiring the best talent and adapting their studio to meet each individual project's need.